Secure Drive

The Only Cloud File Sharing Platform with Built-in Content Security

  • SecureDrive combines content security with the ease of use and benefits of cloud file sharing.
  • Share documents inside and outside of your team, while maintaining complete control to prevent data breaches and leaks.
  • Only SecureDrive protects your documents even after they have been shared.
  • Detailed collaborator permissions for view, download, print, and expiry.
  • Available as SaaS, private cloud, or on-premise

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Expanding digital potential with content security


Cloud file sharing platforms are convenient for sharing files with others, but they do not protect the content that is being shared. SecureDrive protects documents so that only the intended recipient can view or open it. Protected content cannot be copied or re-shared.

Business-class Content Collaboration

  • Familiar File Explorer interface for ease of use.
  • Folders can be set to automatically protect files on upload.
  • All document access is tracked.
  • Team members can be assigned 4 levels of roles, and 7 levels of collaborator permissions.
  • Commenting feature for files, and online chat for groups.
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android.
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Content Security Features

Copy Protection

689Cloud prevents re-sharing of files by encrypting the files and authenticating access with the cloud. For Microsoft Office files, copy/paste and screen captures are blocked.

Tracking of Documents

All file accesses can be tracked including online views, downloads, and opening of downloaded files on local devices.

Revoke Access Remotely

Access to documents can be revoked at any time, even if the file has been downloaded to a user’s local device.

Secure Online Viewer

Documents can be set for online view only so that it can only be viewed in a browser. Files cannot be downloaded, and the browser developer mode is disabled.

2 Factor Authentication

All document access is protected with 2-factor authentication or login to prevent unauthorized access.

Printing Control

Printing can be disabled so that documents cannot be printed. 689Cloud also disables printing to files such as PDF even if physical printing is allowed.


An expiry date can be set on documents so that they can no longer be viewed or used after a certain date, even if the file has been downloaded to local storage.


Our online viewer supports dynamic watermarks which overlay the viewer’s E-mail address and date/time, discouraging users from taking photos or captures of screens.

Flexible Delivery Options

We provide solutions for SaaS, private cloud, on-premise as well as customized solutions and API integrations to meet your business needs.


Our SaaS solutions allow you to get going immediately by just registering for an account. Start securing your content now.

saas Private Cloud/On-Premise

For larger enterprises and organizations that cannot use public cloud services, 689Cloud can deploy solutions on your private cloud or on-premise environments.

saasCustom Solutions and API Integration

689Cloud is build on open standard REST API’s so that content security can be integrated into your existing application or workflow. We also have a custom development team that can create custom apps for both web and mobile.

Flexible Delivery Options


Starter Pack
5 users, 25GB shared storage
Up to 1000 external document transmissions per month
(1 transmission is 1 file sent to 1 user)
US$35/month (for 12 month subscription)
Additional users $7/month
Enterprise Packages
Contact us for larger volumes, private cloud, on-premise or customized implementations